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Our manifesto and our mission at Buvan Corp, is to raise the industry standards and to establish more qualified relations with our business partners with sustainable environmental awareness. In this respect, we continue to take inspiration from technology and we take care of doing our work with more innovative methods. We adopt a high value-added production policy, especially in order to be able to take part in global economic conditions and global economic conditions.
Considering new industrial conditions and dynamics, rather than pure profitability policies; we are also creating an intellectual ground on issues such as sustainable environment, human and employee rights and gender equality. We follow the global economic cycle closely, analyze the ups and downs of the markets well and prioritize strategic actions globally.

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Our Differences

In a highly competitive environment, we differentiate ourselves from other companies with our principle of sustainable service and comprehensive customer approach. We are always ahead of our competitors in terms of time and cost thanks to the advanced logistics network we have acquired through the corporate partnerships we have established on a global scale. 

Our Quality Policy

Developing and improving the product quality by continuously following up the developments in the sector and the developments in the sector and performing a production exceeding customer expectations.

To produce the most appropriate, most accurate and economic solutions in the fastest way and to avoid any possible non-conformities.

To be a reliable company in an understanding that meets the needs and expectations of the customer at the highest level.

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